826 Classroom Happenings

Upcoming events:   Halloween Dance Friday night

No school:   October 29, November 11

MCAS Re-test ELA:   November 4-6

MCAS Re-test  MATH:  November 9-10


We have a classroom wide reward plan that you may have heard about… The students have been working hard to be “caught” being good, demonstrating expected behavior, and modeling whole body listening.   They have earned a special lunch this week!  We are so proud of their hard work.

English/Language Arts:

The students recently worked on summarizing text they had read in class.  They used new Chromebooks to type up their paragraphs.

They have also been working on understanding the importance of using prior knowledge during reading.  They were taught how it helps us to understand what we are reading, to make predictions, draw conclusions and infer.


The students have worked on PEMDAS and order of operations.  We’ve started to solve equations and use variables in word problems.  We will continue working on this when we start fractions in the next few weeks.


We are wrapping up our unit on the body systems.  We will review next week and have our first quiz on Friday, November 6th.  Students who work on Fridays will take the quiz, Thursday or Monday of the following week.  The second week in November, the students will work on MCAS questions related to the body systems from previous MCAS tests.

Functional Reading:  

We are working on E-mailing using Gmail.  We will cover E-mail uses, E-mail etiquette and the students will compose Emails and send them to each other.

Functional Math:

The students are working on totaling a restaurant check and figuring out tax and tip.






What does it mean to be mature?

On Monday the students discussed what is to be mature.  Checkout what they brainstormed.   They all had information to share that included some great vocabulary.  It lead to an interesting discussion about behaviors that we consider to be mature and “expected” within the high school. We will be participating in word studies and  brainstorming words that are often used to describe teens and adults throughout the year.

October 19-23


No school:   October 29

Halloween Dance:  October 30

No School:  November 11


  • Continuing to learn about how we read and utilizing skills such as finding the main idea, inferences, and think-alouds.  Summarizing skills


  • Multiplication and division, using properties and fast facts

Social Studies:

  • Article 3 of the Constitution


  •   Nervous System

October 5-10

Mark your calendars:

Monday October 12th: No School Columbus Day

Thursday October 15th: 6:30-8:00 Open House for Parents only, at LHS, in cafeteria

Thursday October 29th: No school Professional Day

This week we will be covering:

English/Language Arts:

  • Skills such as: visualization, using context clues, inferencing, making predictions and making connections
  • Work on writing skills by responding to a passage the students will read about Frederick Douglas


  • Continuing to use our Easy Eight Facts:   Doubles, One Aways, Fast 10s, Add 10s, Add 1s, Add 2s, 10 Sums, and 9s Trick.
  • A lot of this is review for the students, however, it is also firming up the foundation of learning that the students already have.  They are learning strategies for remembering some of the facts to increase their memorization of these facts
  •  They will be continuing  to discuss and review operations (subtraction, multiplication and division)

Social Studies: 

  • Discussing the first & second Article of the Constitution,  including: discussion about the legislative branch, Congress, and the roles/ responsibilities within this branch


  • Body systems are being covered.  Students learn the function of the system, related vocabulary and body parts and organs that are a part of the system
  • We will finish up the digestive system this week
  • Endocrine and reproductive system will be introduced