Class definitions:

English/Language Arts:   This class will focus on maintaining and growing skills.  We will encourage learning of new strategies and focus on becoming better readers.   This class may be taught using basal readers, environmental reading, and trade books.

Mathematics:   This class will focus on increasing algebraic skills and thinking about how we solve problems.   The students will use calculators, multiplication tables and learn strategies to assist with solving problems.

Science:   This class will focus on biology.  Topics covered will include: Body systems, cell parts and their function, taxonomy, basic genetics and evolution.

Social Studies:   The focus of social studies this year will be on what makes up the Constitution and how does the government work.   The students will also take part in current events classes where we discuss what is happening in the world.

Character Education:  This class is co-taught with Occupational Therapy.   The class focuses on increasing positive character traits in ourselves and recognizing them in others.

Technology:  This class will utilize netbooks/chromebooks and other devices to access technology.  We will be learning about the different programs that Google Drive offers and how to stay safe on the internet.   The students will also be using this time to write papers and research topics.

Community Math:   This is a trip to the center of Lexington.  Students have the opportunity to buy lunch, a snack or a drink.  They can also purchase school supplies, or hygiene products.   The students may have an assignment that they will complete while uptown.

Women’s/Men’s Group:  Taught by the counselors, OT & Speech.   This class discusses the nuances and joys of going through puberty and growing up.  The class is split into gender specific groups.

Occupational Education:

Independent Living Skills:


Social Group: Co-taught by Counseling and Speech, these groups address issues related to social and emotional wellbeing. Split into two groups that meet on separate days, students take part in discussions, work together to identify solutions to common social conflicts, and role-play scenarios related to class topics.

Current News: Students read and then analyze current news stories, ranging in topic from psychological and medical findings to world news and politics to astronomical events. Throughout discussion students are encouraged to take multiple perspectives on and synthesize their previous knowledge and experience with the topic.

Breakfast Club: This is a small rotating group of students who meet together once a week and make a breakfast together. This is run by OT.


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