September 2016

Room 822 is off to a great start!  It is very hard to believe we are already heading into October.  First of all, we want to thank you all for getting school supplies and for making classroom donations.

Secondly, there a many holidays and events in October.  Here is the list:

10/3 –  No School, Rosh Hashanah

10/10- No School, Columbus Day

10/12 – No School,  Yom Kippur

10/19 – Open House @6:30* this is a change from the calendar

10/27 – No School, Professional Day (teachers only)

Lastly, we wanted to fill you in on things being learned in our classroom.

ELA – The students have been reading survival stories.   We have reviewed Active reading strategies (see acronym sheet in student’s binders).  The reading skill emphasized during this unit has been identifying the main idea versus details.  The students will begin writing a Main Idea and Details Essay next week.

Mathematics –   We are learning algebraic concepts this month including PEMDAS (order of operations), how to use variables, and working with with inequalities.  The concepts can be a little bit difficult especially with the more abstract concepts.  We are working hard and using phrases such as “is the same as” instead of saying “equals” this helps picture how an equation works on both sides of the equal sign.   We will be starting functions soon!

Biology – We started the school year covering food chains, which lead to food webs and energy pyramids.  The students are currently learning about symbiosis (the interdependent relationships of organisms in their environment).  The students will practice MCAS questions regarding the topics we just covered by the end of next week.

Social Studies –  We are learning about the history of the United States   We have discussed the migration routes of early settlers and Native Americans.   We have also learned about current events utilizing news articles and videos.   The students have had great insight during our discussions about these topics.  We will be starting the early settlers soon!

Technology – The students have made Quizlet accounts and have become more familiar with Biology vocabulary using the site (ask them if you can check out their account).  We have also worked on learning the coding language of Python.   The students have been solving problems using the program Code Combat.  They are doing a wonderful job with

Functional Reading- Topics covered this far during functional reading have been Internet Safety and Emailing.  The students are working on including: a greeting, a closing, and a question, as well as using proper spacing and punctuation when writing Emails.

Functional Math-  The focus has been on money math.  They have practiced counting money combinations, estimating the the total amounts of purchases using the whole dollar strategy and rounding up to make mock purchases.  Next, the students will review percents and practice computing  sales tax.





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