Wegmans and Bedford Farms

We went to Wegman’s for lunch.  Most of us were thrilled with all the different options and the price!    We also got ice cream at Bedford Farms.  It was fantastic. 


Busy Day! Car Wash and Stop and Shop Nutrition Tour

During the car wash we raised about $400!!!!!  This money will go to scholarships for students who need it in order to participate in LABBB activities.  At Stop and Shop, the students were shown where they can find healthy foods.  Some students got a chance to scan items and even get behind the register.



JFK Museum and Library

  We had a great trip to Boston!  We went to the JFK library and museum where we learned about JFK’s life and presidency. We felt that there were a lot of neat things to see, read and watch.  We enjoyed our picnic lunch on the harbor and took a short walk to a beach […]