Homework Help

Homework is to be picked up Monday and returned on Friday.  If you work one of those days, you may pick it up the next day and return it when you are in class next.   It is meant to be completed over several nights.

Homework will have reading:

  • read a book, magazine or article that interests you.  Write about it.

Homework will have math:

  • Math work can be completed using a calculator.   Sometimes you may need your multiplication sheet or MCAS equations sheet
  • There are extra copies of the “helpful hints” in your binder

Steps to follow to solve any formula:

1.   Write down the correct formula

2. Plug in the information that you know or are given in the problem

3.   Use your calculator to do the math (remember PEMDAS)

4.    Label your answer


PEMDAS—- Please Excuse  My Dear Aunt Sally


1.  Start at the beginning of your equation (left side) and move right.

  •  First, look for Parenthesis and solve inside those first.
  • Second, do all Exponents (remember it is x multiplied by itself the number of times in the exponent)
  • Do all Multiplication or Division problems left to right
  • Finally, do all Addition or Subtraction problems left to right



Homework may have:

  • readings/writings based on other topics being covered in school.  This may include science, current events, or social studies
  • Functional Skills:   Pick two or three to do a week.  These are skills that will help you improve as a worker and in your independent living skills.  They are necessary for transition and living, possibly, on your own or with friends.

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