March Classroom Plans

It is March…

Here is an update for all of our classes:

Reading:   Most of the students are reading the book Milkweed right now by Jerry Spinelli, it follows the life of a young boy living in Warsaw, Poland during WWII.   A couple of students have already read this book and they are reading Stargirl  also by Jerry Spinelli.  Both groups are working on reading comprehension, making connections to the text, vocabulary skills, and writing essays based on the stories.

Math:  In math the students have been working on different aspects of geometry.   The students are learning how to use formulas and plug numbers into the formulas.  We do remind them when solving any problem to: 1. Find the Formula, 2. Plug in all known information, 3. solve the formula using PEMDAS, 4. Label the answer.   The students are going to start working on using the coordinate plane to solve problems involving graphing.

Biology: We finished a unit about Cells and have moved onto Taxonomy. This is the study of how all living things are organized.  The students have learned about the broad way animals are classified to the areas that make us all different (ie lions are separate from bears).

Social Studies: During social studies we have been studying how our government works.  The students have learned about the responsibilities of the different branches of government.   We have also been discussing current events, our rights and responsibilities as citizens and the presidential election.  The students have been VERY opinionated about who they like and dislike. We are working on being tolerant of other people’s opinions and learning all sides of issues.

Character Ed:  During character ed we have talked about how we perceive right and wrong behavior.  We have also talked about how people who are in public places (ie politicians) demonstrate right and wrong behavior.  The students are learning about tolerance and how to identify with people who are different from us.