We’ve been learning about plant and animal cells.  Check out our work! 



Learning to code

Today, in technology class we learned how to code using blocks in place of java script.   The blocks have simple commands on them that make a character perform actions in the game.  The students all enjoyed this activity.  We will continue to work on coding and eventually building a game!  


Careers: Intro to Code

We were discussing the importance of reading for different jobs and a student brought up wanting to be a game designer.   This type of job would require some knowledge of coding.  Coding is a great skill to have and to understand.    There is a great FREE program on this website:  www.code.org/learn   this page will allow you to choose from 3 coding projects.

November,…. Already?!?

Dates to remember:  November 25th     1/2 day dismissal at 11:45 AM

No school:   November 26, 27  (Happy Thanksgiving!!)

Cafeteria closed: November 30th … Please bring $10 or a bagged lunch to school

During all of our classes we are working hard and learning about new topics, creating new connections between old and new concepts, and trying our hands at technology.    We have Chromebooks in our classroom that we use frequently!   Each student now has a Gmail account and is learning the ins and outs of Google.  We really like using Google, because it offers a lot of features that make it easy to write papers, correct papers, and discuss topics.

During math we have been learning about fractions.  This is a difficult concept and often feels abstract to many students.   We have been drawing pictures and talking about pizza to learn about the ways that we can split items in to parts of a whole.  We’ve also related money to fractions.

During reading, we will be starting a new unit about why we read and how reading has been important in the lives of others.  We’ve also started talking about the etymology of certain words, specifically looking at their Greek and Latin roots.

During Character Ed we have been talking about “What would you do?” in specific scenarios.  There is a TV show that has people exposed to  specific scenario and tapes their reactions.  We watch these and talk about the type of character that is being shown and how we would react, either similarly or differently.

During social studies we have finished talking about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are working on planning a trip to the State House in Boston.  We will keep you posted as we get a more firm idea of when this will take place.

During Biology, the students have finished learning about body systems.  They have been working on actual MCAS Bio questions related to body systems.  In the next weeks we will be talking about cells in our bodies and how they work.

The students are also collecting food for a  Food Bank in Lexington.  The last day to donate to this is next Friday November 20th, we will be bringing the food to a drop off center at that point.