Holiday greetings 

We just wanted to say thank you for your generosity this holiday season!  We had a great time shopping and wrapping presents for our child.   We were also able to help other local people with gifts from the giving tree at the mall.  Everyone remarked about how much they enjoyed the experience.   



Happy December!

Upcoming Events:

December 15th:  Field Trip!   To the Mall to shop for our Holiday Child

December 18th:  Holiday Dance


Holiday Child:  Every year LABBB classrooms donates money to a classroom fund that we use to purchase presents for a needy child.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about generosity, perspective taking, and giving to others who are less fortunate.   The students have always enjoyed this experience!


Topics being covered:


We’re working on utilizing fractions in equations and determining how to use them when we multiply and divide.


We are going to begin to work through a unit about the effect advertising has on our lives (how timely!) and discussing environmental reading, i.e. how do “read” an advertisement.


We are learning all about animal and plant cells and differentiating between the two.   We are also studying the vocabulary related to cells.


We are currently discussing the background and history of the US Government and talking about how it is different and similar to other types of governments.


We are continuing to work on our writing skills making sure that we are using complete sentences and completing our thoughts in our writing.  We are continuing to e-mail and use various online programs.  We are also continuing to use the coding program.

Character Ed:

We are all about Gratitude this month.  What are we grateful for?  How do we show it?