Summer fun 

This summer we had the opportunity to travel to many fun sites in Boston and the surrounding area.   For the first time, we went to the Commonwealth Museum of Massachusetts, this museum is part of the National Archives.  Some fun facts:  they have a copper type plate from Paul Revere, they have many hands on activities to help history come alive, they want us to come back in the fall for a program about maps!

 We also helped out at car washes to support LABBB.  We helped raise over $700!! We picked a great weather day to go on the Swan Boats.  Everyone agreed it was a relaxing ride and great history lesson as we walked through the park and common.  We ate lunch in the shade by the Frog Pond, and some of us even put our feet in the cool water!

We went to the aquarium and learned all about Myrtle the Turtle.  We had a great time watching the seals and seeing the staff feeding the fish.


We traveled to Boston using the MBTA.  It was an adventure learning how to use the Charlie Cards!


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